In conjunction with their Internal Circuitry Studies (ICS) Electroacoustic Practicum, Kidlat! and Le Pontiac, together as Betawave X, set to work on a series of psycho-electrosonic research tests, the initial results of which have subsequently formed the backbone and foundation for their Ghetto Space Music project.

     Deemed as relevant and significant research findings of our century, the ICS board has commissioned the release and subsidization of the Ghetto Space Music (GSM) series for public circulation and broadcast.  Primarily distributed -but not limited to- public libraries, city hall archives and shortwave radio, ICS continues to solicit support and funding from both public and private sectors for sustained dissemination of the GSM anthology.

     In their project report, Betawave X elaborates, "GHETTO is about economy of resources, austerity of needs, and succeeding amidst meager conditions.  It alludes to making the most out of the least; a form of transmolecular distillation in search of the underlying essenceSPACE is about the individual SPACE that we occupy, both external and, more importantly, internal. Rather than stars and planets, our studies deal with intimately cellular and metaphysical SPACE. And finally there's's simply about the joy and harmony that holds all things together."

     "With the first volume, we maintain the basic approach of extracting the fullest expression possible with the least amount of components; operating under the premise that the inner nucleus, free of clutter and superfluous adornments, is allowed to radiate further with a more defined and clear-cut design."

SideA - Tensor Slamp by BETAWAVE X

SideB - Correctional Facilities by BETAWAVE X

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